Do bad pattern envelope photos stop you?

Have you ever considered how revolting most pattern envelope photos of pants are?

I find myself in need of pants, but have been severely put off by the envelope photos on all the pants patterns I own.

The pants in the photo above, Butterick 5539, look awful. Do you see the drag lines in the red ones in the center? Terrible. But I have some nice black poly double knit from Fabric Mart in the right weight for work pants, and this pattern has several different leg styles, not that you can tell from the pattern envelope. Should I risk it?

How about this one:

Amazing fit, eh?

Then why are you sitting so awkwardly on that stool, Pattern Envelope Lady? Is it because your pants appear to be made of Kevlar?

I have actually sewn this pattern, and the fit is pretty amazing. After a muslin and eight separate alterations.

How about Melissa Watson for McCalls, M6405:

You look so uncomfortable in your Mom jeans, Center Pattern Lady. Maybe it’s just your hair?

I own all of these patterns. Can I make acceptable work pants from them?

What do you think? Do bad pattern envelope photos keep you from sewing something, or do you try to see the gold glittering in the dross?



  1. Jennifer says:

    You’re not the only one. I try to see beyond the picture, but jeeminee, could they have chosen more hideous fabric for those pants? Sometimes it’s really hard to un-see it.

  2. mz.choize says:

    Had to comment because this is sooo funny but so true! I also have the same patterns, but I’m put off by the pattern models. I really want to make me a pair, or three, lol. Guess I’ll do a muslin first, I don’t want to look too funky like Moms jeans chic, waaa.

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